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Let’s Move

In his 30 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Laktineh has seen first-hand the medical
conditions children can encounter resulting from living a sedentary lifestyle. The
primary result being obesity and the numerous chronic illnesses associated with the
condition such as hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), hypertension (high blood pressure), and diabetes.

Dr. Laktineh recognizes that habits and attitudes during childhood often persists into
adulthood and wants to make a positive impact during this critical stage.  He is proud to have sponsored free fitness classes for children in the Long Beach community and is a proponent of Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign which encourages parents & medical providers to promote at least one (1) hour of physical activity a day.

Dr. Laktineh works closely with families in combating childhood obesity  by formulating a customized weight loss program that accounts for each child’s age, physical condition, lifestyle, food preferences, special needs and targeted weight goal.