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Newborn Care & Baby’s First Office Visit

Congratulations on your new arrival! Now it’s time to find great newborn care in Long Beach for your bundle of joy. Routine pediatric care plays a pivotal role in infant health as well as for toddlers and school aged children. And with 20 years of medical experience as a Neonatologist and over 30 years treating children as a pediatrician, Dr. Laktineh is committed to great baby health care in California.

Dr. Laktineh’s hospital affiliations in the surrounding area include St. Mary’s Medical Center , Miller Children’s Hospital of Long Beach  and College Medical Center.

Contact our office to schedule your first newborn care appointment. We’ll make sure you know what you can expect for infant health on that first visit and during those first few weeks of life. We want to be your partners in baby health care!


During your first visit the pediatrician will complete a full examination and be able to any questions you may have.
You should expect your doctor to:

  • Measure the weight, length, and head circumference of your newborn
  • Perform a complete newborn physical examination
  • Assess your newborn’s vision, hearing, and reflexes
  • Answer any questions you may have as a new parent
  • Discuss your child health and development schedule

Additionally, if the results of your screening tests performed on your newborn baby at birth are available, we will discuss them in detail with you. During your newborn examination, a Long Beach Women’s & Children’s Medical Clinic’ pediatrician will help you prepare a permanent medical record for your child that includes vital information regarding growth, immunizations, medications, and illness treatments.